March Wednesday, 2011 at 5:14 am

Church Diversity Is…

Below are responses to the following fill-in-bank.  Church Diversity Is…

  • Estreitta Church diversity is attainable only if we step out of our comfort-zones, reach out to those who don’t look like us, worship like us or even talk like us. What a beautiful sight we, the church, can be while worshiping the God of the universe in one accord!
  • Nilwona Church diversity is what God dreams about. (I know God doesn’t slumber or sleep.
  • Heady Church Diversity is the perfect painting of love in action. Go Win!
  • Matt Legg Church Diversity should be the norm, not the exception.
  • Milan Kramolis Church Diversity is the way how to show the world that God cares for everybody at any place, time and circumstances
  • Buddy Boone Church Diversity is like a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. They are spread on two different halves, 2 different tastes, 2 different taste buds affected, and apart they are just ‘okay’. Together they make the perfect union. Sweet and salty. 2 halves making a hole. And the bread (of Life) covers them on all sides… Sorry, I’m not gon’ preach…
  • Anthony Garcia Church Diversity is a picture of Christ drawing all people to himself. Every nation. Every tongue.
  • Melissa Rorabaugh Church diversity is being able to worship with all of my family together because WE are diverse.
  • Kirk Douglas Provo Church diversity is a a clear, yet sad reflection of the dis-connection of humankind carried over from the last century & resultant of technological advancements, & the Class System STILL alive today. This problem stems from a society where the many continue to concentrate on differences, instead of focusing on our commonalities … our spirits.
  • Danny Bixby Church diversity is something we love to talk about, until the moment it requires us to act differently than we are used to.
  • Carlo Serrano Church diversity is not the one brown couple who happens to show up every Christmas. Church diversity is intentional, not just happenstance.
  • Marc Millan Church Diversity is not something we tolerate but we embrace for it represents everything God made us to be, it represents everyone in our communities, it represents true unity, real, unfiltered love.
  • Jayson John Church Diversity is a reflection of your community.
  • Steve Patton Church diversity is proof that God is real. Jesus prayed that believers would be one so that the world would see that God is real and that Jesus was sent by Him.
  • Kevin Church Diversity isn’t an option. It’s an expectation.
  • Jason Church diversity is NOt something to “work on,” force or create. It is something that happens naturally when a church preaches the gospel. The gospel doesn’t hit key demographics, target race or keep particular races away. The church has far more important issues to fight for other than diversity. Let it happen naturally! It will happen naturally in my experience!
  • Marielle Church diversity is embracing and following the original blueprint of the early church. Which is realizing that though one may not look like, act like, sing like, dress like we do, they are in need of the love Jesus Christ just like we are. It is realizing that at the end of the day whether you be Black, White, Brown, Purple, Orange or Blue when we participate in worship, we are actually all the same we are sinners in need of a Savior. Church Diversity is realizing that Jesus Christ is our common thread.
  • Jacob Ricker Church Diversity is loving EVERYONE the way Jesus loves them!
  • Michael Love this concept. I serve in a bi-lingual church so diversity is very much a part of what we are and do.
To me, church diversity is beautiful.
  • Ron Edmondson Church diversity is not a concept reserved for Heaven. Embracing our diversities as a church and people exemplifies the heart of God for all nations.
  • Beth Bates Church diversity is the image of God. If we believe we are all made in God’s image, then our churches must be a true reflection of God’s image.
  • Michele Church Diversity is essential to reaching our God Potential as the body of Christ.
  • Sarah Holbrook Church Diversity what the Church should be. Accepting everyone for God is love.
  • Frank Daugherity Diversity starts in the heart and spirit, not the face, wallet and culture. When we can embrace differences in God’s great love feast as we would the different dishes of the cultures of the world with all of their unique flavors, we will have gotten a tiny taste of why God is endlessly creative and allows his creatures to share in that creativity and differentiation in emphasis, focus and expression.
  • David Peppler, Sr. Church Diversity is the mosaic God created as seen in the image of everyone He loves.
  • Josh Brickey Church Diversity is a true picture of God’s kingdom and will, right here…right now.
  • Christopher Fletcher Church diversity is not a “minority issue.” It is an “everyone issue.”
  • Terry Rogers Diversity: being composed of differing qualities or elements.
The Church is made up of so many different “elements” and parts, but The Truth is we need each other. 1 Corinthians 12:12 says, the body is not one member but many. Paul goes on to say in vs. 25 that there should be no division among us.
  • Dona Church diversity is essential for the Body of Christ to be healthy, and complete. We are intricately bound to one another regardless of race, or ethnicity. Without diversity, we are deprived of the gifts, and talents that make the church what God had intended.
  • Mike Myatt Many people sharing a common relationship with Christ makes for a rich experience that would not exist in the same way absent diversity in the church.
  • Brent Foulke Church diversity is God’s idea. He made it our responsibility (Mt. 28:18-20). It can be the church’s legacy of joy or sorrow.
  • Greg Atkinson Church diversity should reflect the Body of Christ. Colorful, diverse, different and beautiful. A true mosaic of every nation, tribe and tongue.
  • Richie Allen The first group to be called “Christians” was the church in Antioch (Acts 11:26), not Jerusalem. Why? Because it was the FIRST multicultural church. Acts 13:1 shows that Jews, Africans, and Greeks were all in leadership. 
What better measuring stick for true Christianity can there be? We must have LOVE for one another!
  • Rob Rash Church Diversity was God’s dream from the beginning. It is our hope and example for all humanity.
  • Toni Church diversity is the same God who works in all of us regardless of race, social standing, or gender. These differences are of no consequence with regard to one’s access to God.
  • Lolita Buck Congrats!! Great concept, I just uploaded my pic.
  • GaryFPatton It’s a shame that makes our heavenly Father weep that there is still a necessity for this book after more than 150 years after a war was fought to end racism in the U.S. 
Sin explains it’s continuation in the world. And what’s our excuse in the Church of the One who died for ALL humankind.
Regrettably, the sin of racism seems to be as strong in some quarters of the Body of Christ as in the world. It exists because wo(men) of faith, not just religion, do not judge this outrageous sin in our Brothers and Sisters as the Holy Spirit commands us in the New Covenant.
Shame on us! Some Good News we are to the world!!
  • Jared B God created man in His image. God has called all men to repentance in Christ. Christ prayed all believing men/women would join together as one. 2,000 years later, 11:00 on Sunday morning is still the most segregated time of the week. I believe Scott Williams is answering a great call by God to be a part of the answer to Christ’s prayer.
  • Dennis Church diversity is God’s Chex Mix: Absolutely essential for a great party!
  • Bryan Hudson Segregation is a loaded word with a very specific meaning according to Dr. King, in his day. What we see today is not really segregation, which is evil in it’s application. 
Today, we have the freedom to attend any church and enjoy God’s presence reflected though various cultures/styles, including “multicultural” styles.
We can invoke Dr. King’s words, but I think we should be faithful to the context of his work and suffering.
  • Edgar Cabello Church diversity is BIBLICAL! The church was born as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual. See ACTS 2… The powerful birth of the church is not just THAT it happened, but WHO was there. On that powerful day the barriers came down.
  • Sabrina Chandler Church diversity restores our authenticity, answers the question – ‘are we really who we say we are?’, and affirms that God can break any yoke. The obliteration of the scourge of Racism must begin in God’s house!
  • Bryan Hudson More to the point:
Church Diversity is the Body of Christ.
  • Kent Dobkins Diversity lies within each persons culture! When we all begin to see people as just people then God will bless our lives beyond what we can comprehend. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” and the second is like it “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” 7,000,000,000 PEOPLE on Earth with many diverse and unique cultures.
  • Randy Kinnick Church Diversity is simply and honestly the Body of Christ. The more my local church looks like Revelation 5:9, the more it reflects the true Body.
I wrote a related post not so long ago.
  • Michael Lee Church diversity is a sign of the holiness of God. Only he can take the blood of one man created in his image and from that one man create hundreds of ethnic groups.
In order to bridge the gaps between Races in the Body of Christ as well as the nations of the world, will not be done at great church rallies and conferences. It must begin with me, you, that whoever who will be bold to start something–a smile, a hello, a God bless you. It may take you going to visit a church where there are not that many who look like you.
I also think it’s time for those who speak behind the pulpits of Christendom to look at their own prejudices and ask God to burn them away. Like Peter with Cornelius in Acts , Church leaders must be honest with God about their own prejudices with different ethnic Groups, get free, and challenge their ministires and churches about the dangers of racism with the same zeal as with other issues of the day
  • Michael Lee I also want to add the aspect of social media. there are multitudes of lovers of Jesus on twitter, facebook and myspace. Get away from your comfort zone, and reach out to the different flavors of Christendom on cyberspace.
  • Nehemiah Robinson Church Diversity is the physical representation of the heart of Christ and a statement to the world that we are truly One Body!
  • James Kline IV Church diversity is the body of Christ in action. We are all unique as individuals but the body is not whole without each of the gifts God has bestowed upon us. “As it is, there are many parts, but one body.” 1 Cor 12:20
  • Blessing Mpofu Church diversity is a reflection of God’s image. It is the epitome of the unity God communicated from the creation of mankind and his redemption, as Jesus died to make us “one new man”. It is God’s response to segregation and hatred, the answer to pain borne by the world.
  • jimmy hankins I uploaded my pic. I can’t wait to read the book. I want to see if you covered my fav one. And no, I’m betting it’s not the one you think. (grin)
  • Alesha “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”- “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson
What would the church look like if it was not afraid of indifferences? If we could understand just because I don’t worship like you does not make me less effective. The charasmatic ways of an elect group is just the outward expression of what’s in the heart. Its the Gospel that draws and mends the brokenhearts, and we are all broken. Church Diversity is the enabling of a full power and not just a form. God does his best work when we’re all in one mind. This says it best: Genesis 11:6 NLT
“Look!” he said. “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!” It was the intention of the heart that God confuse the language, to reach God without God is crazy. But imagine what the church would be like if we had the same heart, same mind, same language? Church Diversity denies taught systems and opens ones life to grander possibilites, every culture has something the other needs. You bring the hammer, I’ll bring the brick; let’s build kingdom!
  • Dr Faith Abraham Church diversity is a clear representation of the diverse characteristics that are found within God.
  • Shari England Church diversity is a beautiful mosaic of backgrounds and cultures, held together by the blood of Christ and the water of His word. “And Christ is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Col. 1:17
  • Jason Curlee Church diversity is God’s heart in the church and on this world. When a Church taps into what God desires we will truly reach our communities.
  • Todd Ruth Church diversity is not necessarily going to be found in one church building. Church diversity, if rightly applied, is the body of Christ loving on each other outside of Sunday morning.
  • Ted Arsnoe Hopefully we can become a church unite not just in racially diversity also economically diverse. We can all pull together to make us one. Stronger brother helping out a weaker brother.
  • Kaci Baldwin The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.” When we allow church to be a part of the diversity we become powerless. God might of made each and everyone of us different but we are made in the image of Him and we become ONE in the body of Chirst.
  • DisneyCyndi In the words of my husband Marcus….when Church Diversity is focused, properly directed, and intentionally administered it is epitome of true fellowship with God.
  • Dave Ingland We are church diversity only if we truly love God and love others. Love knows no color or social class, therefore diversity is an automatic by-product of love.
  • Shelley Hendrix Church diversity has become the passion of my heart as I have grown in my understanding of my Father’s Heart.
  • Alonso La Diversidad en la Iglesia (Church Diversity) es lo que le apasiona a Dios, es por lo que vino a morir Jesús. Es tiempo que los líderes cristianos aprendan este concepto también.
  • Faye Bryant Church Diversity is us. There’s no two of us who are just alike. Accept that and love them (everyone who isn’t just like you) just as you do yourself. That’s the second greatest commandment. By doing it, you do the first.
  • Ryan Church Diversity is the Fingerprint of God.
  • Tom Jamieson Not only must church diversity be accepted, but it must be embraced if we are to share the whole Gospel with the whole world. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s gift of forgiveness and salvation for all people of all backgrounds, all ethnicities, and all statuses. God’s Good News respects no persons and neither should we.
  • Robert Jablon Church diversity is the manifest proof our Creator is creative.
  • Sean Bynum Church Diversity was on the mind of God when he spoke The Great Commission through his son Christ Jesus. Matthew 28:19-20
  • Chilly … you ever eat at Mongolian BBQ? 
- so much variety, so many options, not one plate looks the same. and it’s ALL delicious!
  • Becky Miller Church diversity is hospitality on Earth as it is in Heaven. It’s an international church with 50 members and 38 nations represented. It’s being group-hugged by friends from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Congo, and India.
  • Helen Lee Church diversity requires hard work to pursue and achieve. It will result in potential misunderstandings and even conflict from cultural differences. It may even produce tears and frustration at times. But is it goal worth the headaches and heartache? Absolutely! There is nothing that more beautifully reflects the reconciling love of Christ than a diverse body of believers demonstrating that love with one another.
  • Leon Have you seen the movie “Segregted Sunday” by L.G. Wise in 2006. It also has a pretty good soundtrack. The topic is very simular to your book.
  • Naomi Whitaker Church Diversity is the oneness of the bride of Christ. She is a beautiful woman of God whose skin is full of lively depth of color, her eyes sparle with the light of Christ. Her hair is braided with strands of varying colors and textures reflecting God’s variety. She is clothe in royal robes of purple trimmed with blue for her loyalty to her groom.
  • Cynthia Hanevy Church diversity is the life of the church. How can we stay relevant if we don’t love and honor all of God’s people?
  • Duane Bien-AIme A diverse church is color blind. Seeing only what God sees….perfection.
  • Dorette Matthew Church diversity is seeing a mass of colors, ethnicities, and cultures from where you’re standing and realizing that we are all unique for a reason…One God, One Body, His Love.
  • Duong Sheahan Church Diversity is people gathering from every nation worshipping in unity among the body of Christ and where there is unity, God commands his blessings. 
  • Kristy Church diversity is so often used by our spiritual enemy to divide us. But when diversity meets God’s Divine calling; it reveals the absolute demonstration of Gods Divine Design for what His Body is supposed to accomplish on this earth. Ephesians 4:4 “there is one body and one spirit -just as you were called to one hope….” through verse 16 “from him (Christ)the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament,…” We, the Christians, His body are those ligaments and we are made in His image. He is our Diverse and Beautiful God. We are his diverse and beautiful children.
  • Maria “Church Diversity is God’s love ‘thru us’ reaching out to others in our communities’
  • David Profitt Church diversity is dependent on desire not demographics, it doesn’t happen by accident.
  • Dean Deguara Church Diversity is being deliberate in bringing black & white together! Any color or race for that matter.
  • Obed Thomas Growing up in both spectrums of church diversity I saw both sides. The diversity is a mindset not a issue when worshipping and serving the same God. I think there is a lot of fear of the unknown that causes others to fear and either not commit to try a church that is multiculturally diverse or tries to shut out others because of the fear of change. Even on top of that in the past few years in Jackson, TN not only have we been trying to push for the diversity in culture but we have tried to join with other churches and denomination for the common good and purpose to serve and worship God. Once you come to an understand of a person and who they are and where they come from the fear and differences subside and you are only left with this vessel that God created and transformed and its a great thing to see and worship with…
  • Obed Thomas Church is that shelter place when all else in the world comes to attack you, you have the safe gate to protect you, on top of that… the people fighting next you are also fighting for you. The unison of protection together, fighting together as brothers. May be a brother from another mother, still a brother that will be there through the think and thin…
  • Sonny Lemmons Church Diversity is not optional. When Jesus said in John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you,” He didn’t put any qualifiers or conditions on that love. Until we honestly and intentionally act on this command, Church Diversity won’t be optimal, either.
  • Tamara Wilson Church Diversity is coming together not as a race; but as one body of Christians to serve Christ. God did not put us here on earth to divide us but to allow us to learn to live together in unity.
If we can’t worship him together here on earth. How can we come together and fellowship in heaven? Church Diversity is serving one God as one body of people.
  • Pastor Steve Wright Church Diversity is Revelation 7:9
  • Scott Weller Church Diversity is how God intended the church to be when Jesus established the church on earth.
  • Laryssa Toomer Church diversity is biblical. It is a witness to the world that we are Jesus’ disciples.
  • Orion Berridge Church Diversity is not possible without a generation of dedicated Christians being awoken to authentic Gospel Community.
  • Kyle Campbell Church Diversity is accepting all people into the church (building) so that they may become a part of church (the people). Without people the church (building) would be just that, a building! Love equally as brother and sister in Christ.
  • Seth Switzer Church diversity calls for more than just getting out of one’s comfort zone, it means creating a whole new perspective of comfort.

Church Diversity Is… Share your thoughts and comments.



Pastor Doug Bell of CrossPointe says: May 20, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Church diversity is more than economic, social, our even racially diversity, it’s the inclusion of those who may not think our believe like us. There used to be a pattern of inclusion that worked like this..come to our place and believe like me, then begin to behave like me, then you can belong with me. This is opposite, to what I believe the pattern of Christ that has been set. His pattern seems to state, come and belong, then you will begin to behave in ways that are like Christ, yet you may not understand why you are doing these things. And finally after this you form a relationship with Christ that leads you to believe! This to me is diversity… God wants us all to walk in unity.

Mark Lau Branson says: November 18, 2011 at 12:10 pm

I am grateful for your initiatives. You are clear that church diversity is neither simple nor easy — but it is a gospel call empowered by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your good work. You would be encouraged by some of the videos etc on our website — all from churches that are living this passion.

Stephanie says: May 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Church diversity is listening to someone pray in a language you don’t understand but joining them in spirit; having a mentor of a different race; asking or answering scary, offensive questions with an open mind; struggling to lead a song in a totally different style than you grew up with (or even enjoy) and still being able to worship; giving a welcome hug to a drunk, smelly, homeless person and feeling true love for them; learning that being colorblind is not the goal, because God made us different “colors” for a reason– we should acknowlege our differences, accept them and embrace them.

Jimmy Rollins says: December 30, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Church diversity is the key to community impact. If the church is not diverse it cannot reach a diverse community.

marlene lincoln says: April 25, 2013 at 6:23 am

Without unity within diversity the purpose cannot be fully accomplished. For the church to grow each part must work together because each part depends on the other.

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Russian Orthodox Forever says: September 4, 2016 at 9:04 am

While Syrian Orthodox children are being cut in half, beheaded, raped, buried alive, and burned alive, you protestant heretics are concerned about the american obsession with race, sexuality, and other trivia. “Church diversity” is a western protestant movement with the goal of eradicating the European White male or at the very least gelding the white male to conform to secular humanist doctrines. It is theological Marxism attempting to seamlessly blend with SJW, BLM, Feminism, LGBT, and Islam. Church diversity is obsessed with skin color and racial externals rather than developing strength like the Holy Warriors who arose against the Ottomans and save Russia and Europe from Islamic conquest. The protestant passivity and inability to say no to the world system forces them to adopt secularism to some degree. The Holy Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches stand strong and will not yield to heretics. The Russian Orthodox and Ethiopian Orthodox are joined together in One Holy Spirit and don’t need to intermingle to be Soldiers of the Lord. Only sheltered protestant politically correct shills for the globalist leftist secularists need to mix skin color to be “saved”. We stand strong and united regardless of monolithic race and nationalism. We don’t need your lies and have done fine since 33 AD. When you are strong and have no need to bow to secularism,then visit with us, Otherwise, stay away from us and keep your protestant secularism in the west.