Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best nearly 50 years ago when he said, “We must face the sad fact that at the eleven o’ clock hour on Sunday morning when we stand to sing, we stand in the most segregated hour in America.” The unfortunate reality is that 50 years later, not much has changed.

To ensure that Dr. King’s statement doesn’t ring true 50 years from now, Author Scott Williams challenges the church to get out of their comfort zone and confront the age-old elephant in the pew, known as church diversity. Church Diversity the book encourages congregants and ministry leaders alike to embrace diversity, rather than merely tolerate it.

His book provides practical insight and foresight through scripture, personal experience, interviews and observations from some of the top ministry leaders embracing diversity from around the world. Additionally, the book will provide information from research conducted about the Top 10 Corporations for Diversity. The parallels and insights from these fortune 100 type CEOs and Diversity Officers will prove to be invaluable to the further development of diversity in the church.

Church Diversity is more than a book; it’s a calling and a movement.

We Are Church Diversity.


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