As we seek to continue this conversation and begin to truly see the sign on the doors of our church read, “Everyone Welcome,” we wanted to provide a platform for churches to become a part of the movement. So we are starting Church Diversity Week. Church Diversity Week will be a globally recognized week to encourage and promote unity within the local church. Church Diversity Week will begin on the second Friday of January and end on the third Friday of January each year.

This week happens to fall on the calendar beginning the Friday prior to Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day) and lasts the entire week. There are many different ways to celebrate Church Diversity Week; however, at its core it’s about encouraging and promoting unity and diversity in the church.

Some suggestions for Church Diversity Week include but are not limited to:

  • Teach a message of inclusion or everyone welcome during the weekend services.
  • Do community service project in conjunction with MLK Day.
  • Teach unity, diversity and everyone welcome in Sunday School, Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry lessons.
  • Swap pulpits with another pastor of a church with a different majority culture population.
  • Allow a minority pastor to share the weekend message.
  • Conduct online meet-ups and social media gatherings to discuss issues of diversity in the church.
  • Promote books, materials, and movies that promote a message of diversity in the church.
  • Work with media outlets to produce news stories about diversity in the church.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Host a pastor’s roundtable discussion in your local community.
  • Involve your family and church in local MLK festivities.
  • Share a story about an “Everyone Welcome” or “Church Diversity” from your church (video or live).
  • Inject creative elements promoting diversity into your drama and worship services.
  • Share a Bible verse that encourages diversity in the church or promote a daily Bible reading of specific verses during Church Diversity Week.
  • Encourage Church Diversity, Promote Church Diversity and Be Sensitive To Church Diversity.
  • Buy and wear the Church Diversity t-shirt and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Diversity Matters To God | The Local Church Is The Hope Of The World | We Are Church Diversity.

The inaugural Church Diversity Week will begin Friday, January 13, 2012. This week is dedicated to further the conversation and propel the movement to have a little Heaven on earth.